Trusted Counsel has extensive experience in private equity and finance transactions. We regularly advise emerging growth and technology companies in raising capital from angel investors, family funds, and venture capital firms. We understand the importance of balancing your concern for ownership and control with the need for new capital. Each transaction is staffed with attorneys with in-depth knowledge of investor preferences, protective rights, anti-dilution rights and industry investment documents. Our experience in this area gives us a tremendous advantage in structuring investment transactions that align with your strategic objectives — and protect you against potential pitfalls.

We advise companies on securities compliance for private offerings. Securities regulations are complex, and to raise capital, companies must often comply with both state and federal securities exemptions. We can help you determine the appropriate securities offering for your capital needs, and assure your compliance with the necessary exemptions.

our work: 2017 HIGHLIGHTS

  • Trusted Counsel represented a semi-conductor visual inspection technology in obtaining over $50 million in investments
  • Trusted Counsel represented a healthcare technology company as it raised $21 million through debt and equity financing
  • Trusted Counsel represented an entrepreneur in the investment of $5 million for a controlling interest in a security and surveillance company
  • Trusted Counsel represented a consortium of family offices in the investment of $5 million plus into a consumer intelligence technology company
  • Trusted Counsel represented a New York City entertainment tour bus company and fully prepared it for a company recapitalization valued at $2.7 million
  • Trusted Counsel represented a digital state lottery organization expediting their $2 million investment received from an angel investor
  • Trusted Counsel represented a software company in a $1.5 million preferred equity financing
  • Trusted Counsel was investment counsel to multiple family offices; analysis, strategy, structuring and implementation of technology company preferred stock and debt investments
  • Trusted Counsel represented a Boston-based early stage venture fund & investment bank in drafting of investment documents, private placement memorandum and securities law support
  • Trusted Counsel represented a software asset verification company in obtaining $600,000 in private investments
  • Trusted Counsel provided private equity owned representation of a propriety sunless tanning company; distribution and channel development agreements; manufacturing and co-development agreements; European channel strategy. 
  • Trusted Counsel provided legal strategy for the resolution of a minority shareholder dispute