Our private equity practice encompasses a broad range of transactions, including seed financing, growth and later-stage financings, venture capital, private acquisitions, senior debt financings, and portfolio company transactions. We provide legal advice that adds value to transactions and brings clarity to the full range of your investment options.

Our deep experience in private equity allows us to consistently identify, negotiate, and structure favorable investor rights and protections. We understand that each transaction is different and contains its own unique challenges. We thrive on that, and excel in our ability to understand those challenges and create solutions to overcome them.

We’ll work seamlessly with you to perform due diligence and analyze the transaction in terms of execution risk and post-closing risk. Our multi-disciplinary team of attorneys carefully review the transaction for corporate, securities, tax, employee, intellectual property and regulatory considerations.

Below are a few key services:

  • Investor preferences
  • Investor protective rights
  • Key employee agreements and covenants
  • Due diligence & intellectual property analysis
  • Capitalization, down round calculations, and anti-dilution rights
  • Rights of co-sale and preemptive rights
  • Securities compliance
  • Board composition and fiduciary duties
  • Securitization of assets
  • Recapitalizations and minority investor rights