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Trusted Counsel Combines with Siavage Law Group

We have some exciting news here at Trusted Counsel! To enhance the value of our client offerings, we’re proud to announce that we have combined with Siavage Law Group, a firm founded by distinguished industry veteran Mike Siavage in 2004. Mike and I were founding partners at Red Hot Law Group and that firm later

Data Security Part 3: Don’t Click, Don’t Open!

The world has witnessed massive data breaches in the past few years. Sony Pictures, the Democratic National Committee, Target, Verizon and Cox Communications were all victims of some sort of cyber attack. This week in In Process, we’re speaking again with Trey James, co-founder and CEO of Xcentric, a national hosting provider based in Georgia

People Buy From People They Know

It really doesn’t matter what business you’re in: business development is almost always a part of the big picture. The people who are best at tracking down new business (and maintaining it) are generally the ones who look at it less like a transaction and more like a long-term friendship.  This week on In Process,

How I Did It: A Discussion about Building & Selling a Business with Darrell Mays

We’ve talked a lot about selling your business. We’ve talked about getting your financials ready. We’ve talked about legal contracts, estate planning, and timing, too. But this week we’re speaking with Darrell Mays, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive who’s been through the process himself. Mays is presently a Senior Vice President MasTec, Inc., and President

The Fair Labor Standards Act & Your Business – What You Need to Know

BASICS OF THE FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT AND PENDING CHANGES 1. The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) is the federal law which mandates a minimum wage of $7.25/hour and payment of 1.5 times the regular hourly wage for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek. The FLSA also imposes recordkeeping requirements, restrictions on

Are you guilty of committing random acts of marketing?

Some of the companies with the most efficient operations are also the ones who have the hardest time growing. It’s a counterintuitive idea, but it’s one that has been supported by research and that serves as the basis for this week’s episode of In Process. Joining us on the show this week are Art Saxby

Client Advisory: Unofficial Trademark Solicitation

Once you have registered your trademark or even just applied for registration, you will likely receive solicitation by mail from private companies indicating that you need to register and pay for additional action on your company’s trademark. These companies use deliberately misleading names intended to resemble the USPTO, and often include words and phrases like US,

Tired of hearing “She’s just a 4…”? Wait ‘til an Exit.

We’re all a little horrified with ratings right now (particularly when the pronoun “she” is involved). But in reality, when you are ready to sell your business, how buyers rate “The Princess” is all that matters! For the fifth and final podcast in our series about getting a business ready for sale, hosts Evelyn Ashley and

Making an Exit? Don’t Go Without a Clean Legal House

This week, we did something unprecedented on In Process: we talked about law. Generally, we like to feature conversations with thought leaders outside the legal field on topics ranging from mindfulness in the workplace to the rise of artificial intelligence. Most currently, we’ve produced a series (which will lead up to our coinciding event Prepping

Estate Planning & Your Business: Preparing for the Future

We are two episodes in on our series of podcasts about what businesses and their chief executives should be thinking about in order to get themselves to a point where they’re ready to be sold. This series, which will lead up to our coinciding event Prepping the Princess, will touch on the issues that business

In the Exit Game, Don’t Bench The Promoters!

This week on In Process, we’re picking up the second episode in a series of podcasts about what businesses and their chief executives should be thinking about in order to get themselves to a point where they’re ready to be sold. This series, which will lead up to our coinciding event Prepping the Princess, will

Thinking Outside the Shoebox

What Buyers Look for in a Company’s Financials This week on In Process, we’re kicking off a series of podcasts about what businesses and their chief executives should be thinking about in order to get themselves to a point where they’re ready to be sold. “Typically, it’s not until businesses actually to the point where

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto—Wait, you’re the boss?!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all over the news, and when it comes to innovating and disrupting the workforce, robots have become an increasing part of the conversation. But it’s rare to hear experts sound off on AI moving into white-collar professions. Fortunately, our guest this week is Dan O’Hara, who has been in the software

Talk or Text: That is the Question

How many times have you dodged a phone call, waiting to hash things out over text or anticipating an email follow-up? This week on In Process, we’re revisiting one of the most universally relevant topics we’ve ever covered: the art of conversation in the digital age. “I absolutely believe that technology is often negatively affecting

Do Good, Be Great: Mapping the Evolution of Social Entrepreneurship

It seems like every new business comes with its own well-publicized, tweet-friendly, hashtag #sociallyresponsible cause. It’s enough to make a do-gooder’s head spin and a traditional business owner’s eyes roll: how do these for-profit businesses prioritize their bottom line? This week on In Process, we sit down with Cindy Cheatham, president of Good Advisors, LLC

It Really IS All About Me! Tell Your Story & Grow.

Self promotion isn’t an obnoxious habit or a personality flaw—it’s a vital part of building your business. So why is it a topic so many business people avoid? This week on In Process, we caught up with Debby Stone, founder at Novateur Partners and author of The Art of Self Promotion, about the ways we

8 Great Links About Microsoft’s $26.2 Billion LinkedIn Acquisition

This week, Microsoft announced that it would acquire LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion. This comprehensive account of the acquisition in The New York Times is a great place to start if you’re just looking to catch up on the context of the sale, but it hasn’t taken long for the Internet thinktank to weigh

Turning Millennials Into Your Best Employees

With millennial consultants making headlines and the New York Times producing what seem to be monthly thinkpieces on the role of the workforce’s newest generation, it’s increasingly obvious that industry leaders are looking for reliable sources to help them work with their younger counterparts. Negative stereotypes abound in these kinds of conversations, so we took