In Process: Conversations about Business in the 21st Century

In Process is a podcast show on iTunes hosted by Evelyn Ashley and John Monahon of Trusted Counsel (Ashley), LLC. The program was developed to educate listeners through conversation on the many topics that are helpful in the daily operation of their businesses. Featuring guest experts from around the world, each episode is formatted like a living room conversation--one that might leave you with new ideas, tools, or techniques to help your business grow and succeed today.

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Check out our Most Downloaded episodes below:

1.Dressing the Princess for the Party: Is Your Business Ready to Sell?
George Shea, Partner; Focus Investment Banking and Denis Brown, Certified Exit Planning Specialist; Pace Capital Advisors
Released October 12, 2016

2. Atlanta and Southeast Getting More “At Bats” for VC Investments 
Mark Buffington, CEO BIP Capital
Released November 16, 2017

3. Angel and Venture Capital Investing, Part One: The Term Sheet
Mike Siavage, Of Counsel; Trusted Counsel
Released January 25, 2018

4. Angel and Venture Capital Investing, Part Three: Top Mistakes Companies Should Avoid When Pitching for Capital
Brad Feld, Foundry Group
Released February 22, 2018

5. Preparation: The Key to Securing the Best Value for Your Company
Michael Levy, Partner; Aprio and Yelena Epova, Partner; Aprio
Released March 8, 2018

6. Telling vs. Selling: The Art of Self-Promotion
Debby Stone, Founder Novateur Partners and author
Released June 16, 2017

7. Children Who Mean Business: Developing Next-Gen Entrepreneurs
Professor Richard Linowes, Management Educator; American University and Monica Lage, Executive Director; Break Into Business, a non-profit organization dedicated to training entrepreneurs ages 9-17
Released November 30, 2017

8. Domo Arigato, Mr. Robato - Wait You’re the Boss?!
(An episode on AI in the workplace)
Dan O’Hara (former) Senior VP Digital Workplace; Avanade
Released July 28, 2016

9. How’s it Looking? Economic Outlook for 2018
Luke Tilley, Chief Economist; Wilmington Trust
Released January 11, 2018

10. Building More Energy, Focus & Passion into Your Work: Mindfulness
Angela Buttimer and Dennis Buttimer co-founders of Atlanta Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being
Released May 26, 2016

11. Shark Fight! How I Survived and My Product Thrived, after Shark Tank
Ryan Kenny, Inventor of The Christmas Tree Hugger
Released December 2018

12. Growth Through Acquisition
Jack Berlin, CEO of accusoft
Released October 2018

13. Pithy Conversations with CEOs
Moira Vetter, CEO modo modo Agency
Released August 2018