Intellectual property is critical in today’s businesses environment. Trusted Counsel has extensive experience negotiating intellectual property-based contracts in a broad range of industries, and we will work with you to identify, protect, acquire and enforce intellectual property rights. Our counsel extends beyond registering trademarks, copyrights and patents; we develop strategies that leverage your intellectual property into true competitive assets that create business value. We offer a variety of intellectual property services, including advising with respect to technology and licensing agreements, research and development transactions, commercialization, strategic ventures and other transactions that require the exploitation and protection of intellectual property.


  • Trusted Counsel counseled an innovative introduction to Broadway theatre technology company using patent, copyright, and trademark protected vehicle and technology; ground breaking trade dress protection of entertainment method; corporate governance, multi-layered preferred stock capitalization, incentive plans, licensing and strategy.
  • Trusted Counsel was counsel to a global small ship sailing experience company; protection of intellectual property; investment structures, purchase of ships, strategic relationships and day to day operational agreements.
  • Trusted Counsel represented a number of professional services firms focused on a variety of area; corporate and operating representation; negotiation of agreements with clients; strategic protection of propriety intellectual property and methodologies by trade secrets, copyright and confidential information.
  • Trusted Counsel was counsel for structuring the sale of university and company developed patents, copyrights and related intellectual property of a liquidated entity; representing the secured creditors/investor group.
  • Trusted Counsel represented a world renowned image compression software tool kit developer and licencor; in addition to general corporate and intellectual property representation. In addition, Trusted Counsel provided strategy and assistance in patent and copyright infringement suits and representation in the acquisition of a multiple multi-million dollar intellectual property based competitors.