Receive World-Class Business and Legal Advice

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As of 2017, Trusted Counsel is now sharing its legal expertise around the world because of its affiliation with Interact Law, an international referral network consisting of specialist legal firms that offer outstanding services to their clients. Trusted Counsel is one of only two U.S. firms selected to be part of the global legal network.

"While business continues to expand globally, legal expertise in many instances remains very local or country specific, says Evelyn Ashley, managing partner at Trusted Counsel. "Our affiliation with Interact Law not only extends the reach of the firm's unique expertise but also provides our clients with immediate access to an exceptional legal brain trust. The group also has twice-a-year membership meetings that afford the Trusted Counsel team with additional learning and networking opportunities in international law."

This affiliation is just another avenue to bring high-quality, world-class business and legal advise to our clients. Find out more about our affiliation with Interact Law, our global network of specialist legal firms.