Practice Areas:

Even for the savviest investors, assessing potential opportunities, performing due diligence and negotiating deals can be overwhelming. Trusted Counsel clears through the clutter to provide clarity and objective guidance. We serve as a valuable extension of your investment team – counseling you on investor protective rights, preferences, anti-dilution rights and downside protection strategies. We also perform detailed due diligence, and examine each investment for corporate, securities, tax, employee, and intellectual property considerations. And, because we have a veteran tax attorney in-house, we’re able to structure and evaluate deals with a complete understanding of the tax implications. Our goal is to minimize your liabilities and set you up for success.

We understand the complexity of business deals, and that’s a powerful tool at the negotiating table. We look past the pro formas, drilling deep to help protect your time and money. While we strive to limit your investment risk from a legal perspective, we balance that with practical and creative solutions to successfully close deals with target companies.