Supporting Our Work

We constantly strive to align our work with positive social and environmental impacts.

We are here to guide and empower you with exceptional legal counsel, knowledge, and tools that lead to practical, informed business decisions. We take our responsibility as your trusted legal counsel very seriously — but we’re not a bunch of stuffed shirts.

When you visit our offices in Atlanta, you’ll find an open, colorful, economical, and vibrant space. Our physical space is a daily reminder of our commitment to our clients, our team, and our core values. Our firm’s curated art collection lines our halls, decorates our offices, and serves as a focal point to inspire our work. This art reflects our core values of openness, acceptance, and a welcoming spirit, reminding us of these values on a daily basis.

Our firm is located in a LEED-certified office building, further reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and a greener future. We continue to consider ways to green our office space, with the support and buy-in from all members of the firm.

Finally, our firm regularly evaluates the impact our work has on the local and global environment. For example, in recent years, we have continued to grow our area of practice within the solar industry, assisting with everything from philanthropic financing to land leases for solar projects.

Trusted Counsel now is Moye White

As of September 1, 2021, Trusted Counsel (Ashley) LLC has merged with Moye White, a business law firm headquartered in Denver, Colorado. You can now find us at www.moyewhite.com.