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The Christmas Tree Hugger

This month on Trusted Counsel’s podcast show In Process: Conversations About Business in the 21st Century, Evelyn Ashley and John Monahon spoke to Ryan Kenny, inventor of The Christmas Tree Hugger, a seasonal holiday product that he invented in 2016. Podcast co-host John Monahon happens to be the business partner of Ryan Kenny and has been involved with the product from the very beginning. The Christmas Tree Hugger makes artificial trees look more festive, fun and real. The product comes in several holiday-inspired designs and is simply wrapped around the bottom pole of any fake tree – instantly making it appear more realistic.

The idea came to Ryan after he and his wife decided to purchase their first artificial Christmas tree, simply for convenience factors. But when they sat down on the couch to admire the beautiful tree they had put up, Ryan was sorely disappointed when he looked down at the bottom of the tree. Ryan said to his wife, “there is this fuzzy, hairy, ugly green pole of an eyesore at the bottom” – the eyesore soured the holiday magic. Without more thought, he turned to the internet searching for a fix. Disappointment again - nothing available in the marketplace. So he decided to makeshift something in his basement. After receiving positive opinions from friends and family, he decided to sell the product on Etsy, the e-commerce website focused on handmade items. Soon thereafter, the product started selling and it received nothing but five-star reviews with buyers saying things such as “Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?” It was at that point that Ryan decided to make his product more official. With a background in graphic design and advertising, it was second nature for Ryan to develop sketches that ultimately led to a solid prototype. He applied for a patent, sought out manufacturers, and launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It wasn’t long before 100% of the goal was hit. From there, one thing led to another and he soon found himself on QVC (his television debut) during their “Christmas in July” promotion in 2017. John was impressed with Ryan’s ease during the taping by saying, “I’m glad Ryan was comfortable because I was sick to my stomach. His execution was perfect! The host even gave him a kiss on the cheek which Ryan accepted just like a professional TV personality.”

The Short Road to ABC’s Shark Tank

Ryan admits being on the cable network QVC opened doors for The Christmas Tree Hugger. It was not long after airing on QVC, that Ryan was interviewing to become a contestant on The Shark Tank. Fast forward a few months when the holiday product was featured in the ninth season, episode thirteen of The Shark Tank, airing December 3rd, 2017. Ryan sought $100,000 for 20% equity of his company, The Christmas Tree Hugger. He didn’t get a deal but was happy with the way the experience went – The Shark Tank was amazing.

The Christmas Tree Hugger in 2018

A year since Ryan appeared on Shark Tank, the product continues to receive top online ratings. He hopes his invention will turn into a standard Christmas product - a Christmas season iconography. During our podcast interview, he said “much like the top of the tree that has a star, I would love for the bottom of the tree to be equally important. People will say, what will we do with the fuzzy, hairy pole on our Christmas tree? The answer will be a no brainer, THE CHRISTMAS TREE HUGGER! The interview ended with these heartfelt words by Ryan. “It makes me so happy knowing I’ve made something from nothing, this simple product, and it’s now it’s in thousands of families homes.”

Click below to listen to the entire podcast. During the course of the podcast, CEOs, business owners, C-level executives and entrepreneurs will learn:

  • Ryan’s strategy for getting major retail buyers to talk to him on the phone

  • The various stages that contestants need to go through in order to get selected to appear on Shark Tank

  • How Ryan prepared for the actual filming of Shark Tank

  • The real reason why Ryan went on Shark Tank 

  • The after Shark Tank update, where you can find his product now!

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