Roz Lewis

Why Certify as a Woman Owned Business?

Learn more about the process and benefits about certifying your business.

Learn more about the process and benefits about certifying your business.

The Greater Women’s Business Counsel®(GWBC), a non-profit Women’s Business Organization, is serious about the success of women-owned businesses. In fact, their region (Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina) is comprised of the top states for women owned businesses. As a regional partner organization of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council ® (WBENC), they provide a premier certification for women-owned businesses (WBE). Reported as of 2014, GWBC Certified WBE’s generate more the $5.6 billion in revenue and staff more than 58,000 employees.   

This week on Trusted Counsel’s podcast show “In Process: Conversations about Business in the 21st Century,” Managing Partner, Evelyn Ashley moderated a panel discussion (which was audio recorded on site) on learning about the process and benefits about certifying your business. Trusted Counsel is a certified woman owned business itself. The panelists were; Roz Lewis, President and CEO of the Greater Women’s Business Counsel (GWBC) the Southern Region’s certifying organization for the Women’s Business Enterprise National Counsel and Deb Mackins, who serves on the GWBC and is Georgia Power’s representative to GWBC from their Supplier Diversity and Development Department. Deb provided her insight on the panel from the perspective of a company that utilizes certified women owned businesses for services.

Panelist Roz states, “When I visit a corporate partner such as Georgia Power, I’ll actually never sell your organization as a woman owned business. I sell you as a business that has the skill set, the capacity, that you check off all of their boxes, oh and that you happen to be woman owned."

Panelist Deb explains in detail what to expect when a newly certified woman owned business gets that “big contract” with a company such as Georgia Power. She states, “Georgia Power, like most companies, is changing; our needs are changing. So, we are actually reaching out to companies that we probably didn’t look at before and that’s because we are getting smaller and we need to offset some of our needs with contractors and suppliers to help us deliver power to the customer. We have to take the time to get to that level of comfort and get to know you and your business, because it’s our credibility on the line."

During the course of the podcast, entrepreneurs, women business owners and C-level executives will learn:

  • About the certification process
  • The difference between a woman owned business and a woman owned business that is certified
  • Resources and information to help develop a woman owned business or a minority business
  • What to do once your business gets certified

To learn more about The Greater Women’s Business Council and their certification process, programs and resources, visit their website at

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