Rohit Malhotra

Investment's New ROI: Empowering Entrepreneurship for Social Change

Photo Credit: The Center for Civic Innovation (Atlanta, GA)

Photo Credit: The Center for Civic Innovation (Atlanta, GA)

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, even in communities that have been hit hard by financial recessions and divestment. Our innate drive to fight and remain entrepreneurial doesn’t ever go away. But, finding access to community resources and early-stage funding is not always equally or readily available for every entrepreneur with a dream of success.  

Take a city like Atlanta, as an example, which by all media accounts is thriving economically and is often touted as the next city for economic growth. Its skyline is graced with a number of Fortune-500 companies. However, Atlanta consistently has one of the highest income inequality gaps in the United States. Upward mobility in Atlanta is 4 percent, meaning there’s a 96-percent chance if you're born poor in Atlanta, you’ll die poor in Atlanta. 

This is a dichotomy that has to change―not only in Atlanta but across the globe.   

This week in In Process (Trusted Counsel's bi-weekly podcast show), Rohit Malhotra, founder and executive director of the Center for Civic Innovation, discusses how the Center is focusing on social entrepreneurship to bring community organizations together to solve civic solutions in order to transform business in Atlanta―and how this approach can serve as a model for other U.S. cities and even worldwide.

“Whether you're suited and booted at a Fortune 500 company on the 50th floor or you're on the ground working a farm each and every day, the joint thing we have in common is a love for our city,” said Rohit. “Atlanta's history is built on businesses and communities, both the public and the private sector, coming together to fight for what's morally right. To drive what business will look like, rather than business driving our morality.”

During the course of the podcast “Investment’s New ROI: Empowering Entrepreneurship for Social Change,” investors as well as community and business leaders will learn:

• The definition of social entrepreneurship

• The Center for Civic Innovation’s mission, goals and future plans

• Challenges and opportunities for social entrepreneurship in Atlanta as well as other metropolitan areas

• How to shift the conversation in terms of distributing capital and investing in true “economic value” that produces social change

• Real-world social entrepreneur success stories 

Stream the conversation with Rohit in the player below to learn how you, your company or any association you belong to can invest in Atlanta and/or contribute to social entrepreneurship in your city. You can also subscribe to In Process on iTunes to receive this episode as well as future updates from the show on your smartphone.