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Trusted Counsel teams up with Open Legal Community (OLC), a leading Japanese IP Professional community to present a webinar on “Expanding Worldwide Brand Protection Through the Use of Intellectual Property”

“I learned the importance of combining different kinds of intellectual property protections to strengthen the company brand” Live webinar attendee comment

On July 20, 2018, Open Legal Community (OLC) and Trusted Counsel provided an IP brand strategy webinar to Japanese professionals. The presenters were Managing Partner, Evelyn Ashley, Attorney, Tammy Tanner of Trusted Counsel and Koji Noguchi of Open Legal Community.

The webinar was not your typical IP-topic presentation where rules and case laws are discussed in detail, instead, the presentation focused on the broader implication of IP in business, how companies should create a brand strategy and how IP will help companies to establish strong brands. 

Many attendees found that the webinar was informative and they especially liked the case study The RIDE, which Trusted Counsel used throughout the presentation to analyze how a successful entertainment bus service company created their unique brand identity through the protection of intellectual property.

The webinar was recorded and published to the OLC website as well as to the YouTube channel of Trusted Counsel.   

OLC, was very appreciative to Trusted Counsel and thanked Evelyn Ashley and Tammy Tanner for putting together a very unique yet practical webinar presentation. Koji Noguchi of Open Legal Community stated “Usually Japanese do not ask questions during presentations, but this time, our audience asked a lot of questions. This indicated that Evelyn and Tammy did a terrific job in engaging the audience despite the language barriers, and also by not physically being in the same room with the audience that was located in Japan. We really appreciated their effort to make the webinar engaging and valuable.” 

OLC also thanked the co-host in Japan, Awaji-cho IP study group. They have been working with OLC from the inception and promote OLC’s activities using their channels in Japan. Awaji-cho IP study group has a monthly seminar to discuss various aspects of Japanese IP-related law and practice. 

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Trusted Counsel (Ashley), LLC provides seasoned, practical and confidential legal services for businesses. Based in Atlanta, this corporate and intellectual property law firm is dedicated to serving the unique needs of companies, investors and legal departments. Trusted Counsel's attorneys make a difference. Their focus is to guide and empower clients with exceptional legal counsel, knowledge and tools that lead to practical, informed business decisions. Trusted Counsel's Managing Partner Evelyn Ashley and Partner John Monahon co-host "In Process: Conversations about Business in the 21st Century," a radio show and podcast where national guests are interviewed on emerging business trends, ideas and techniques. 

About Open Legal Community – A place where Japanese IP professionals learn about US IP

Open Legal Community (OLC), provides timely US IP-related news and information in Japanese. Every week OLC features IP-related articles that are beneficial to Japanese with a Japanese summary of the article. Also, OLC provides periodical webinars to explain complex IP practices in the US. To learn more, visit their partnership page.