New Podcast Series

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In this first episode of a new series titled “Pithy Conversations with CEOs,” Trusted Counsel’s Evelyn Ashley and John Monahon spoke to Moira Vetter, CEO and Founder of Modo Modo Agency, an award winning creative marketing firm with deep experience in B2B and complex go-to-market challenges. Moira’s business career began when she entered the corporate world as a temp where she was placed in a high growth technology company. She stated, “I was a very formative creature and I really had a great opportunity to come up under some interesting leaders.”

Two decades later, in 2007, Moira went on to establish Modo Modo. Today her agency is an Inc. 5,000 firm and she has aggressive plans to grow to $10 million in revenue and employee 100 people by 2023. As of this writing, Modo Modo has 26 employees. Moira is a weekly contributor of Forbes and the author of AdVenture, An Outsider’s Inside View of Getting an Entrepreneur to Market. She is a past president of American Marketing Association, a founding member of a social change action tank, and serves on Zoo Atlanta  Leadership Council.

The conversation with Trusted Counsel revolved around the company culture, the management team and how they are growing the company. Her role today is changing as she approaches a milestone birthday (she wants to coach and mentor more). With that in mind, she’s charged her team with planning and scaling the agency. Lastly, Moira gave us her pithy brutal advice to new CEOs out there, but ended it on a very positive note. Her parting thoughts were, “When you create your own company, absolutely anything is possible right? You truly can create, it’s the American dream. You cannot do it when you are working for someone else, it is an opportunity. It is the point, right? It was the point for me.”

During the course of the podcast CEOs, business owners, and C-level executives will learn:

  • What led Moira to form Modo Modo
  • Why Modo Modo's company culture of high performance works
  • What's changing in her CEO role as she approaches a milestone birthday
  • Her aggressive plans to grow the company
  • Moira's advice for new CEOs

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