Are We Getting Closer to Shattering The Glass Ceiling?

We Talk to Robbin Jorgensen About Women Igniting Change ™

We Talk to Robbin Jorgensen About Women Igniting Change

In your forward thinking organization, there might be times when you’re not able to quantify the ROI of your womens’ leadership initiatives. Or perhaps you don’t have enough next generation women leaders coming up through the ranks. You recognize the amazing talent of women in the workplace, but you’re not really sure how to leverage those talents and strengths. Consider taking the time to create a plan to track, retain and engage the women in your organization. 

According to Robbin Jorgensen, founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change™ “women entrepreneurs are having a huge positive impact in organizations.  According to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, (commissioned by American Express OPEN) in the last ten years, there not only has been an increase of 3.5 million women owned firms, but the state of Georgia is number 2 in the country for the fastest growing for women entrepreneurs.” Yet, many working women still encounter road blocks in the work place.  From unconscious gender bias, culturally based road blocks, to the ones that we (women) put on ourselves, it inhibits advancement. 

Robbin recounts her experience in ascending the corporate ladder to become an executive. She states “…the higher I climbed that ladder, the more of me I lost. I felt like I had to lead a certain way, I had to act a certain way and there was this norm that I was supposed to conform to.  I also felt like I had to put on a mask every day and then took it off when I went home. That, eventually took a toll on my health and my mindset.” Shortly thereafter, Robbin hired an executive coach and she tells us that her experience working with the coach was transformational. “The coach helped me remember who I  was, before the world told me who I was supposed to be.”

This week in InProcess Podcast, we speak with Robbin Jorgensen, founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change™ - a global, purpose driven organization geared toward unleashing the contribution of women around the world.  A highly successful businesswoman, she is a sought after speaker and women’s leadership strategist, Robbin is a staunch advocate for the advancement of women and girls throughout the globe. Her company reaches women in 45 countries.    

During the course of the podcast: Are we Getting Closer to Shattering the Glass Ceiling? business leaders and owners will learn about:

  • Women Igniting Change ™ the movement  
  • The positive impact women entrepreneurs are having
  • Overcoming common road blocks in the corporate world for women
  • Key leadership principles of Women Igniting Change
  • The profile of an ideal client for Women Igniting Change

Stream the conversation with Robbin in the player below to learn about Women Igniting Change.™ Learn how to identify common road blocks that exist in the corporate world for women, key leadership principles needed to help women rise the ranks in the corporate world and receive professional advice from Robbin for both women and men to ignite change in your organization. You can also subscribe to InProcess Podcast on iTunes to receive this episode as well as future updates from the show to your smartphone.