Maintaining Your 'A GAME' Through Stress and Workload Challenges

Every day we are all bombarded with projects, commitments, too many emails – constant overload and it’s a constant challenge to maintain good focus, be productive and maintain (or have any!) energy to carry on.  It can be a vicious cycle and if you’re not able to keep up with demanding times, you’ll quite simply, fall behind.  So how can you be an effective leader and contributor if you have little focus, low energy and are feeling overwhelmed? This is where the idea of micro-resilience comes into play. 

According to Bonnie St. John, micro-resilience is the idea of taking resilience and not just  going back to the original form, but instead, one focuses on getting better.  Unhealthy work habits are leading to burnout and health decline and so having a micro-resilience attitude is key.  Getting into the nitty gritty you’ll need to use the five basic factors that make-up the framework of micro-resilience.  They are: refocusing your brain, resetting your primitive alarms, reframing your attitude, refreshing your body, and renewing your spirit.    

This week in In Process, a bi-weekly Podcast sponsored by Trusted Counsel, Bonnie St. John discusses her new book (on sale now) she’s co-authored with Allen P. Haines titled  “Micro-Resilience – Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive and Energy.” She discusses the idea that pushing yourself until you drop isn’t enough anymore.  There are proven scientific techniques and wellness processes that businesses and individuals can incorporate into their daily lives to provide them with added and needed energy to address challenges as they present themselves. 

Bonnie says “if life keeps speeding up, emails, change, company reorgs, we have to have to have a way to speed up recovery. This is what micro-resilience does, it allows you to take smaller chunks of time and be more intentional in how we recover, and actually use what we know about science to recover better. So if we can speed up recover time, we can cope better with the pace of life, which doesn't ever seem to be slowing down!” 

“We’ve tapped into a lot of research in the book…things that drain you unnecessarily during the day is what we uncovered.  So there's things that drain your brain, not using your highest brain resources for their highest purposes, sort of spreading them too thin. And so we show you, again, evidence based ways of using your brain more effectively, and it feels like you have more brain power, it feels like you're smarter.  With micro-resilience, the focus is on hour by hour, and using all of your resources more effectively.”   

During the course of the podcast “Micro-Resilience – Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive and Energy,” business owners and individuals will learn about:

  • The connection between resilience and micro-resilience  
  • What science tells us about why we feel so mentally overwhelmed
  • Common road blocks to productivity and how to overcoming them
  • The micro-resilience framework
  • Implementing a micro-resilience program in your workplace

Stream the conversation with Bonnie in the player below to learn how to use recognize road blocks to productivity and apply the micro-resilience program in your life and in the workplace. You can also subscribe to In Process on iTunes to receive this episode as well as future updates from the show on your smartphone.