Telling vs. Selling: The Art of Self-Promotion

(This podcast originally aired in June, 2016)

(This podcast originally aired in June, 2016)

In any new business conversation, you have about 20 seconds to establish credibility and create enough curiosity before someone else’s mind starts to wonder. For many of us, self-promotion isn’t natural, because it’s not as simple as just talking about yourself. It’s about knowing your audience, having conversation goals and adding your accomplishments. Hence it’s a very dynamic process. One that with practice and preparation, can allow us all to succeed at the art of self-promotion. 

This week on In Process: Conversations about Business in the 21st Century, (Trusted Counsel’s bi-weekly podcast show) hosts Evelyn Ashley and John Monahon of Trusted Counsel revisit a previously aired podcast from June 2016. They were joined by Debbie Stone, an executive coach and keynote speaker. She is the author of the book The Art of Self-Promotion and the founder of Novateur Partners, an executive coaching company serving lawyers, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and the organizations in which they work. 

According to Stone “At the end of the day, self-promotion and really any networking business development, is all about building relationships. When we tell stories in any part of our lives, we are building relationships. The whole idea of The Art of Self-Promotion is that it is an art. It’s the art of telling your story.” 

During the course of the podcast you will learn about:

  • The distinction between self-promotion and selling yourself
  • The keys to self-promotion
  • The definition of "the jargon trap"
  • Habits to start implementing NOW to help you become more of a self-promoter
  • The differences between men and women in self-promotion

While these tips are a good starting point for self-promotion, Stone touches on many more items in the full podcast: telling vs. selling, cultural obstacles, using technical jargon, and more. 
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