The RIDE Debuts New RIDEumentary, Makes Semi-Cameo on The Simpsons

The RIDE has been a distinctive experience since day one, offering an interactive tour of New York City where the streets become the stage. Riding around on a patented stadium-seated tour bus, tour guides narrate a journey through NYC with a dazzling array of street performances seemingly around every corner. Recently, the company gave audiences a glimpse into their world with the launch of their RIDEumentary, a documentary-style video that follows The RIDE and its personable cast as they begin what--for them, at least--seems to be a routine day on the job. From twirling ballerinas to belting vocalists and impromptu rap performances, the video is a peek into the excitement and the pace of The RIDE itself.

Check out the video in the player above. If you're new to The RIDE but a fan of The Simpsons, the concept might look familiar. 

In Episode 18 of Season 27, entitled "How Lisa Got Her Marge Back," Marge tries cheering Lisa up after an argument with a trip to Capital City. Their first outing? The Capital City Dream Tour, a tour bus with two guides, a floor-to-ceiling window on one side, and cast of street performers delighting the audience--including a break-dancing hot dog salesman. Sound familiar? Check it out and decide for yourself over on Hulu