Client Advisory: Unofficial Trademark Solicitation

Once you have registered your trademark or even just applied for registration, you will likely receive solicitation by mail from private companies indicating that you need to register and pay for additional action on your company's trademark. These companies use deliberately misleading names intended to resemble the USPTO, and often include words and phrases like US, United States, registration, agency, office, patent, trademark, council, or compliance. They often use plain black ink with no colors to mimic the appearance of genuine government forms. Because the trademark office's database is publicly searchable, it is easy for these entities to obtain your information and mailing address. 

As official as these documents may look--many come in envelopes marked "TIME SENSITIVE" or "IMPORTANT"--these companies are built around taking money from entities who see these words, write checks, and ask questions later. 

Clients who have worked with Trusted Counsel on their trademark registration do not need to take further action with any of these solicitors, and should be suspect of any communication via email or physical mailer requesting additional actions or payments. 

If you have any doubts as to the need for further action on any piece of communication you receive regarding your trademark, we will be happy to take a look at any items in question.