Managing Your Business: Keeping Cool When Everything is Hot

 Trusted Counsel speaks with Rhett Power

Trusted Counsel speaks with Rhett Power

In this episode of InProcess Podcast, Trusted Counsel interviews Rhett Power, the author of “The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions” and co-founder of Wild Creations, an award-winning startup toy company.

 According to Power, we are operating in a society defined by instant gratification (think status updates on social media and quick online ordering). We expect immediate results in our daily lives, yet find ourselves surprised when quick fixes in the workplace fail to produce lasting change. Power makes the compelling case that success in todays increasingly competitive business environment requires far more than the typical “10 easy steps.” During the course of our interview with Power, he strongly encourages entrepreneurs and leaders to take action daily to break old habits, think in new ways, and to develop a successful new mindset with thinking strategically.    

Powers recounts his experience in turning around a start-up toy company he’d purchased. He states “we were an utter disaster. We had a terrible business model, but it was a wonderful product. The challenge, was figuring out how to scale this product, manufacture it efficiently, and ship it efficiently. We got our lucky break because of our excellent customer service. Also, we were spending all of our time working in the business, not on the business. So when we got that big order, the light bulb went off and it said to us, we have to stop and start thinking strategically. That was our turning point.”  

After succeeding in turning around the toy business, Power tells us “that’s why I wrote the book.” He explains that he never took time in those first couple of years to work on the business. “I realized how important it was every day to take a few minutes to do the strategic things to think about what you’re doing…to take some time and stop making these rapid-fire decisions that aren’t always thought through.”

Power walks us through his favorite chapters in the book and tells us the one thing that busy entrepreneurs will get out of the book. He also briefly touches upon his coaching program and where his clients often need guidance on. 

Rhett Power is the co-founder of the toy company Wild Creations and author of the new book “The Entrepreneur’s Book of Actions,” about daily exercises for becoming wealthier, smarter and more successful. Power travels the globe speaking about entrepreneurship, leadership, and management; he has presented alongside Kiva’s Julie Hanna, AOL Founder Steve Case, and President Barack Obama. He has written for the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Time, and The Wall Street Journal. Power now has a rapidly growing coaching and consulting practice based in Washington, D.C. and Charleston, South Carolina.    

During the course of the podcast, entrepreneurs and business leaders will learn about:

  • Powers impactful story as an entrepreneur- how he saved his toy company from the brink of bankruptcy to become an award winning business
  • What led Powers to write a book specifically for entrepreneurs

  • How to shift your thinking from “rapid-fire” decisions to developing a new mindset (strategic thinking and decision making)

  • Top issues entrepreneurs often need guidance on  

  • Hiring best practices according to Power, when faced with growing a company rapidly

Stream the conversation with Rhett in the player below to learn more about the above business topics. Discover top techniques to improve your strategic thinking when building a business and break your bad habits. Lastly, listen to leadership lessons that Rhett Power learned along his career as an entrepreneur. Don’t miss an episode, subscribe to InProcess Podcast on iTunes to receive this episode as well as future updates from the show to your smartphone.

Are We Getting Closer to Shattering The Glass Ceiling?

 We Talk to Robbin Jorgensen About Women Igniting Change ™

We Talk to Robbin Jorgensen About Women Igniting Change

In your forward thinking organization, there might be times when you’re not able to quantify the ROI of your womens’ leadership initiatives. Or perhaps you don’t have enough next generation women leaders coming up through the ranks. You recognize the amazing talent of women in the workplace, but you’re not really sure how to leverage those talents and strengths. Consider taking the time to create a plan to track, retain and engage the women in your organization. 

According to Robbin Jorgensen, founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change™ “women entrepreneurs are having a huge positive impact in organizations.  According to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, (commissioned by American Express OPEN) in the last ten years, there not only has been an increase of 3.5 million women owned firms, but the state of Georgia is number 2 in the country for the fastest growing for women entrepreneurs.” Yet, many working women still encounter road blocks in the work place.  From unconscious gender bias, culturally based road blocks, to the ones that we (women) put on ourselves, it inhibits advancement. 

Robbin recounts her experience in ascending the corporate ladder to become an executive. She states “…the higher I climbed that ladder, the more of me I lost. I felt like I had to lead a certain way, I had to act a certain way and there was this norm that I was supposed to conform to.  I also felt like I had to put on a mask every day and then took it off when I went home. That, eventually took a toll on my health and my mindset.” Shortly thereafter, Robbin hired an executive coach and she tells us that her experience working with the coach was transformational. “The coach helped me remember who I  was, before the world told me who I was supposed to be.”

This week in InProcess Podcast, we speak with Robbin Jorgensen, founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change™ - a global, purpose driven organization geared toward unleashing the contribution of women around the world.  A highly successful businesswoman, she is a sought after speaker and women’s leadership strategist, Robbin is a staunch advocate for the advancement of women and girls throughout the globe. Her company reaches women in 45 countries.    

During the course of the podcast: Are we Getting Closer to Shattering the Glass Ceiling? business leaders and owners will learn about:

  • Women Igniting Change ™ the movement  
  • The positive impact women entrepreneurs are having
  • Overcoming common road blocks in the corporate world for women
  • Key leadership principles of Women Igniting Change
  • The profile of an ideal client for Women Igniting Change

Stream the conversation with Robbin in the player below to learn about Women Igniting Change.™ Learn how to identify common road blocks that exist in the corporate world for women, key leadership principles needed to help women rise the ranks in the corporate world and receive professional advice from Robbin for both women and men to ignite change in your organization. You can also subscribe to InProcess Podcast on iTunes to receive this episode as well as future updates from the show to your smartphone.

Maintaining Your 'A GAME' Through Stress and Workload Challenges

Every day we are all bombarded with projects, commitments, too many emails – constant overload and it’s a constant challenge to maintain good focus, be productive and maintain (or have any!) energy to carry on.  It can be a vicious cycle and if you’re not able to keep up with demanding times, you’ll quite simply, fall behind.  So how can you be an effective leader and contributor if you have little focus, low energy and are feeling overwhelmed? This is where the idea of micro-resilience comes into play. 

According to Bonnie St. John, micro-resilience is the idea of taking resilience and not just  going back to the original form, but instead, one focuses on getting better.  Unhealthy work habits are leading to burnout and health decline and so having a micro-resilience attitude is key.  Getting into the nitty gritty you’ll need to use the five basic factors that make-up the framework of micro-resilience.  They are: refocusing your brain, resetting your primitive alarms, reframing your attitude, refreshing your body, and renewing your spirit.    

This week in In Process, a bi-weekly Podcast sponsored by Trusted Counsel, Bonnie St. John discusses her new book (on sale now) she’s co-authored with Allen P. Haines titled  “Micro-Resilience – Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive and Energy.” She discusses the idea that pushing yourself until you drop isn’t enough anymore.  There are proven scientific techniques and wellness processes that businesses and individuals can incorporate into their daily lives to provide them with added and needed energy to address challenges as they present themselves. 

Bonnie says “if life keeps speeding up, emails, change, company reorgs, we have to have to have a way to speed up recovery. This is what micro-resilience does, it allows you to take smaller chunks of time and be more intentional in how we recover, and actually use what we know about science to recover better. So if we can speed up recover time, we can cope better with the pace of life, which doesn't ever seem to be slowing down!” 

“We’ve tapped into a lot of research in the book…things that drain you unnecessarily during the day is what we uncovered.  So there's things that drain your brain, not using your highest brain resources for their highest purposes, sort of spreading them too thin. And so we show you, again, evidence based ways of using your brain more effectively, and it feels like you have more brain power, it feels like you're smarter.  With micro-resilience, the focus is on hour by hour, and using all of your resources more effectively.”   

During the course of the podcast “Micro-Resilience – Minor Shifts for Major Boosts in Focus, Drive and Energy,” business owners and individuals will learn about:

  • The connection between resilience and micro-resilience  
  • What science tells us about why we feel so mentally overwhelmed
  • Common road blocks to productivity and how to overcoming them
  • The micro-resilience framework
  • Implementing a micro-resilience program in your workplace

Stream the conversation with Bonnie in the player below to learn how to use recognize road blocks to productivity and apply the micro-resilience program in your life and in the workplace. You can also subscribe to In Process on iTunes to receive this episode as well as future updates from the show on your smartphone.